Security Consulting

What is Security Consulting?


Simply put security consulting is providing advice and guidance to those organisations who are not large enough to have the required expertise and knowledge within the current work force, or have a need to supplement the current team with subject matter experts.

The Challenge

Designing, implementing and maintaining an information security capability is a wide and complex subject and often carried out poorly as an integrated process with the business.

With so many security vendors offering software and technology security solutions, often using high pressure selling techniques, the fear uncertainty & doubt surrounding such emotive words as “hacker”, virus, worm and the financial penalties that a security breach may bring; it is easy to purchase and implement expensive solutions that are often poorly configured, not implemented in a complimentary manner and often only deal with part of the overall security requirement.

The key challenge is to ensure that any solution is in support of the business and proportionate to the level of risk being faced.

The Solution


Understanding your business and business processes allows an effective overall strategy to be developed in line with the size of the business. Identification of critical business processes and data provide for a targeted solution improving the overall effectiveness.

Using experts who are not only trained in cyber security but also have an understanding of business and business operations allows for a perspective not often found. Whether you want advice and guidance in establishing your security, a check on what you have already established or a detailed look at a specific aspect of cyber security IAS and our partners have all the skills, expertise and tools you need.


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