Situational Awareness

What is CyberSSA?


Simply put it is having a visual representation of what is going on around you. For Cyber Security we take this to mean what is going on within your computing environment that has an impact on the overall security of your operation.

Cyber SSA combines reliable information sources to provide a rich picture of the security status at any given moment in time. It is essential for those responsible for Cyber Security at all levels are aware of what is happening on an up to the minute basis.

It can be likened to a ships bridge that allows instant visibility of the ships operations, allowing the crew to manage the safety and security of the ship.


To establish Cyber Security Situational Awareness requires solving the “Challenge of the Multiple”. The modern computing environment will often consist of multiple technology platforms provided by multiple vendors using multiple operating systems, often working in multiple geographies.

The Cyber Security environment also has multiple security technologies provided by multiple vendors, managed by multiple administrators using multiple management systems.

The “Challenge of the Multiple” is to take this modern computing and security environment and deliver a solution that provides a holistic status view of the overall Cyber Security environment, in a way that supports decision making, investigation and response along with timely reporting.

The Solution

At IAS we work closely with our strategic partners to provide you with a comprehensive CyberSSA solution.

By understanding your business environment we identify what information is important to you for efficiently monitoring and managing your Cyber Security. Many data sources may already be available within your computing environment; by identifying them we reduce costs associated with implementing Cyber SSA attaining a better return on existing investment by making the current technology work harder for you.


Using the Pharos platform from PragmaticDefence Ltd we take these existing data sources and integrate them with “up to the minute” threat intelligence information to develop “status screens” that combine the data sources & threat intelligence into the rich picture that is Situational Awareness.

For senior managers the ability to combine Security Availability and Performance data into a single status screen provides up to the minute information, allowing faster decision-making, which in turn saves money and reduces risk, significantly.

In addition it is also possible to create status screens that allow senior managers to observe Costs, Service Status, Trends & Quality metrics for ongoing operations or bespoke projects.


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